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"Two Clarkson graduates living in Tupper Lake have applied for a patent on their method of extracting melanin from fungi. They are looking to become wholesale providers of the pigment, which is finding increased use in biotechnology."
Potential Pigment Patent Readies Birch Boys to Produce Melanin from Chaga Fungi
Adirondack Daily Enterprise - September 02, 2020
"He suddenly veers off the path mid-stride and heads directly for a white birch tree, its pale bark popping against the greens and browns of hemlocks and white pines."
The Chaga Hunter
Adirondack Life Magazine - October 04, 2018
"This week, Birch Boys took another step toward making Chaga a household name by opening a store on Park Street in downtown Tupper Lake"
Brewing a Taste for Chaga in Tupper Lake
North Country Public Radio - April 19, 2018
"Chaga is truly an authentic Tupper Lake product. Chaga grows here, picked by the hands of our community throughout its production process."
Birch Boys’ Park Street Business Grows
Adirondack Daily Enterprise - April 17, 2018
"Part of my rationale for attending Clarkson was because of its motto: defy convention. I was already doing that."
The Medicinal Mushroom Man
Clarkson University - March 31, 2017
Company Achievements, Awards, and Recognitions
$25,000 Grant Recipient | Wallace Coulter Foundation - April 04, 2017
Second Place $10,000 Winner | Wake Forest University Retail and Health Innovation Challenge - November 12, 2016
Certificate of Appreciation | Adirondack Park Agency - March 15, 2019
Alyssa Keenr
Warehouse Manager
Kim Carpenter
Production Manager
Maya Duncan-White
Lead Chemist
Garrett Kopp
President, (518) 299-9620
Investment Partners
Mentoring Angel Investors
After a referral from Clarkson University, founder Garrett Kopp attended multiple Point Positive pitch sessions. Birch Boys has since raised $300,000 in equity financing from Point Positive members, some of whom currently sit on the board of directors for Birch Boys, Inc. and maintain an active mentoring role.
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