Our Mission

Our mission is to make "chaga" a household name. Chaga is a parasitic mushroom that draws the life out of birch trees. Over time, it stores the trees' beneficial minerals and compounds into a super-concentrated conk that bursts out of the tree trunk. Due to its life cycle, chaga contains more antioxidants than ANY substance on Earth! In fact, it contains 1,360 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and 45 times more than açaí berries. By brewing chaga in hot water, its medicinal benefits become bio-available. We forage for all of our chaga in New York's Adirondack Mountains. Please, help us ensure that the world's most potent holistic marvel gets the long-overdue recognition it deserves!

Press Coverage
"We eat protein for our muscles and fiber for our digestive tract; chaga is food for your immune system."
Tuppers Chaga Tea Business Expanding
Adirondack Daily Enterprise - November 15, 2017
"Part of my rationale for attending Clarkson was because of its motto: defy convention. I was already doing that."
The Medicinal Mushroom Man
Clarkson University - Defy Convention
"After accidentally drinking a magical mushroom tea I found in my grandmother's refrigerator, my 15-year old self became possessed. Not by hallucinations or anything psychedelic… chaga works a very different kind of magic. I became possessed with a mission to teach everyone about this fascinating mushroom."
Up and Comer
LOCALadk Magazine - June 14, 2017
"Our Jack LaDuke has the story of a young entrepreneur from Tupper Lake, New York, has turned grinding and packaging Chaga, an age-old remedy that grows in the forests of the Adirondacks, into a business success."
Growing Business
Mountain Lake PBS - February 27, 2017
"I've been hearing people speak glowingly of the virtues of something called chaga for a few years now, but I never knew much about it. I always get interested in learning things I don't know in a new year, so it seemed like a good time to find out more about this weird substance. I decide to visit Garrett Kopp, who runs a burgeoning chaga business called Birch Boys out of a workshop in Tupper Lake, to learn all about it."
Son of a Birch, it's Chaga!
Tupper Lake Blog - January 11, 2017
"The reason I got started with this is because I want as many people to know about chaga as possible."
A breakfast rooted in bark that was digestible in both info and food
Watertown Daily Times - May 08, 2017
Awards and Recogitions
Grant Recipient from Wallace Coulter Foundation's Transformative Philanthropy Program - March 17, 2017
New Product Contest Winner - Buyer Days Wholesale Show
1st Place Clarkson Regional Business Plan Competition - March 30, 2017
2nd Place at Wake Forest's Retail and Health Innovation Challenge - November 11, 2016
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