4 Reasons Why You Need to Try Reishi

1. Immune Support  

immune booster reishi mushroom try why birch boys

We have all been there... Getting sick can really throw a wrench in your day to day life. That's why the immune system is so important! Reishi is renowned for being an immune booster, with a taste that is robust and pleasantly pairs with natural sweeteners.

Your immune system has a couple of important functions. It helps fight off illness and regularly conducts 'immune surveillance' which searches the body for potentially harmful organisms and risky cells. As you age, your immune system can slow down and deteriorate. This can lead to an increase in illness, poor regulation of swelling, and a surplus of risky cells (free radicals) in your body.

Reishi essentially teaches your immune system to work smarter rather than harder. It's Beta-D Glucan content helps it to boost and enhance your immune system while it's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce troublesome swelling. With a properly functioning immune system, your body will naturally perform more immune surveillance, which leads to a decrease in harmful cells. 

2. Meditation Aid

reishi meditation mental clarity why try birch boys

If you're like most people, you probably have a hard time clearing your mind and sitting down to take time for yourself. 

Reishi helps in two ways, it is both a meditation aid and a mental clarifier. It can help relax your body and soothe your mind, allowing for clear-minded relaxation. If meditation is hard for you, give reishi a try! It may just give you the edge you need to sink into enlightenment!

A great thing about reishi is that it relaxes you, while clearing your mind but also keeps you sharp. It doesn't make you feel groggy in the way that many meditation aids do. 

3. Stress Relief

stress relief reishi mushroom why try birch boys

Nothing ruins a perfect day like stress that keeps building up. It can come at you from anywhere, even when there is seemingly nothing to stress about. Our reaction to stress can make all the difference!

Reishi helps with stress relief in a few ways, the first as mentioned above, by easing your mind and relaxing your body. Reishi can also affect you physiologically due to it's adaptogen power. An adaptogen is a substance that helps you react positively to stress by supporting your adrenal system. So not only will reishi relax you, but it will also help your body fend off stress!

4. Allergies

pollen why try reishi histamine regulator

To some this image may invoke fragrant flowery dreams, but to others it's their worst nightmare. 

Seasonal allergies, pollen allergies, pet allergies and more are all caused by your body releasing too much histamine when you come in contact with a substance your body is confused about. Some people are allergic to everything, while others only suffer through pollen or pets. 

Reishi is a histamine regulator, which means it can moderate the amount of histamines released into your body when you come in contact with scary, scary pollen. This allows you to avoid the unnecessary swelling, dripping, crying, and sneezing sometimes induced by a mild allergy. 

It is important to note that Anaphylaxis is different from mild to severe allergies. It is the result of a serious and sometimes deadly sensitivity to something, most commonly peanuts, shellfish, and bees. Reishi should not be used to treat or prevent Anaphylaxis. In cases of Anaphylaxis, an epipen is usually necessary, and is only short-term relief so that one can make it to a doctor or emergency clinic. 

Are you convinced yet?

If these reasons haven't persuaded you to try reishi, type it into your search bar and see for yourself all of the positive reviews and guides to reishi! Or, you can shop by clicking here.

Please send us your comments on how Reishi has helped your daily life for a chance to be featured on our blog! 

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