7 Ways to Kick Cabin Fever

Overcoming cabin fever or (SAD) during cold winter months. 7 ways to win

It's mid-January... If you're from the Adirondacks - you know what that means! We have officially entered the most frigid time of year, and honestly, we're just getting started. A harsh winter can threaten your health and swiftly kill your spirits!  But it doesn't have to be that way. Here's what I've done to stay physically strong and inspired.


1. If You have Snow, use it

snowshoeing in the adirondacks to kick cabin fever

There are TONS of ways to have fun with snow. Go snowshoeing, or try cross country skiing... The snow will reveal all kinds of amazing animal tracks to follow. Find a friend that has a snow-mobile and ask if they'll take you for a spin! Build an obscenely large snowman. Adults can still have fun, right?


2. Cater to Cozy

cozy drinking chaga tea cabin fever

Try making an experience out of seeking warmth and comfort... Go shopping for a heated blanket or a new pair of socks. If you're unsatisfied with your current jacket, look for a new one. Do you have a favorite pair of mittens? You could! This year, I bought a winter beanie that has a built-in LED flashlight. I use it every single day, and it's the most useful $30 purchase I've ever made.


3. Take a 3 Day Vacation

vacation in naples florida

I said yes to an opportunity to fly to Naples, Florida last week. I only ended up spending about two hours on the beach, but dang, it was so worth it! Prior to the trip, I was caught in a bad slump for about a week. If I hadn't gone to Florida, I wouldn't have even realized it. Escaping the cold, even if only for a day, can get you back on track. Or, if you live in a warm area, visit a colder area like the Adirondacks. Winter has its drawbacks, but you can't say it isn't beautiful.


4. Act Like a Tourist in your own Town

saranac lake tourism kick cabin fever and tour local small businesses

You probably won't believe how many cool things are going on in your own town. I know this has been said before, but as a small business owner, TRUST ME. Walk into your local shops and talk to people. You'll learn fascinating things. And don't forget, business is tough in winter. You can support local businesses without necessarily spending any money. Small business owners carry the taxing burden of earning the enthusiasm of their entire team, let alone themselves.


5. Nourish & Protect Yourself

So, I guess this is the part where I shamelessly promote our products... But not without cause. Each mushroom we offer has its own unique set of benefits, but this time of year, I'd choose Chaga. Here's why:
  • Sunshine is our body's primary means of absorbing vitamin D, so when the sun is taking time off, it is very important to take some sort of vitamin D supplement. Chaga is incredibly high in vitamin D, so you can accomplish this by using our Chaga tea bags or loose Chaga tea.
  • The antioxidant concentration of Chaga is higher than any food on the planet. Oh, and did you know Chaga tea also contains more vitamin C than orange juice? Both of which strengthen your immune system. 
  • Winter air is dry. Your skin is fully aware of this. Our Chaga lotion is well-stocked and waiting for you.


    6. Learn a New Skill or Hobby

    lions mane mushroom for productivity. use nootropics to combat cabin fever and learn a new hobby

    Pick out a beautiful puzzle and chunk away at it in your spare time. Glue, frame, and proudly hang it when you're done. Last winter, I taught myself how to code. This year, I've finally stared something I've wanted to try forever. I'm attempting to produce music. But if you're looking for something a little lighter... Might I suggest - download words with friends on your phone. Seriously, I've been OBSESSING over it! Add me on facebook if you'd like to start a match ;)


    7. Adopt a Pet


    buy a dog to get rid of cabin fever

    This might sound a little extreme, but is it really? If you've been thinking about it, DO IT! I peer pressured Loretta (our office manager) into buying a dog. Now, my old doggo Joey (I call him Joey - Low, because he's a wiener dog) and her puppy Luna (also known as Luna-Bagoona or Luna-Lagoon), can have play-dates at work! In all seriousness, don't rush into this one! But if Cabin Fever has left you feeling lonely, or if you're longing for purpose... A furry friend will fix you right up.


    What an appropriate time to say... Keep it real, stay strong, and keep Chaga'n along.


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