New Years Goals? Chaga Can Help!


It's that time of year again. The gyms get less and less busy, people start eating less healthy, and find themselves less likely to stick with their new hobby or skill. Are you unmotivated to keep your resolution? We don't blame you! Sticking to a resolution is hard, and life can be hectic. If you're finding yourself sliding away from your resolution, keep reading to find out how Chaga can help you! 


Weight Loss

Chaga contains Beta-Glucans. Beta-Glucans are a viscous form of fiber. They slow the rate that food is processed in the stomach. This allows for sugars to be absorbed less quickly, leading to a healthier blood sugar level! They also help to lower bad cholesterol levels and keep you feeling satisfied and full. 

Eating Healthier

Chaga is a great source of Beta-D-Glucans, Antioxidants, Polysaccharides, Phytosterols, Melanin, Ionized Trace Minerals (Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Magnese, and Iron), Ionized Essential Minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, and Phosphorus), Vitamins B (1,2, and 3), Vitamin K, Vitamin D2, Triterpenes, and Super Oxide Dismutase. These are all great for you and your body! A cup of Chaga Tea in the morning can greatly augment your healthy living habits. 

Self Care, Wellness & New Hobbies

Wellness is about taking care of yourself mind, body and soul. Here at Birch Boys, we believe Chaga is a great first step to embodying wellness. Great for the morning, Chaga contains Polysaccharides which can provide you with a long lasting, buzz-free energy. Skip the coffee crash, and stay motivated to be your best self. When you get home take the time to de-stress from your day by sipping a warm cup. Let Chaga's soothing properties and earthy-sweet taste transport you to a lush forest, deep in the Adirondacks where a group of friends are living the dream, selling their favorite fungus. 

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