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Rose Raspberry Chaga Tea!

Are you feeling fancy? Want to impress your guests with a drink worthy of Downton Abbey? You've gotta try this Rose Raspberry Chaga Tea. Sweet, bitter, and invigorating, this recipe is one for the books! Scroll down for the Quick Recipe Card, or keep reading for a more detailed instruction and the health benefits!

Rose Raspberry Chaga Tea Cardamom Yum Antioxidants Superfood Powerhouse


This tea has a great lineup for your wellness. Chaga, Rose, and Cardamom are all loaded with beneficial components.

Chaga - Antioxidants (ORAC 146,700), Polysaccharides, Melanin, Potassium and much more! Chaga's beneficial compounds work to improve your overall health, skin, mood, immune system and energy levels

Rose - Vitamins C, A, B, E, K, Caffeine and Polyphenols working to boost your immune system, preserve a youthful complexion, soothe the stomach, ease nerves, and even ease monthly feminine pain. 

Cardamom - Vitamin A and C, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Spasmodic, Anti-Depressant, and more working to make you feel great!

What You Need

Rose Raspberry Cardamom Chaga Antioxidants Superfood Powerhouse

For this recipe you're going to need a few tools

  • Saucepan
  • Coffee filter or wire/mesh sieve 
  • Jar
  • Iced tea pitcher, bowl, jug, etc

...and a few ingredients

  • 3-4 Birch Boys Chaga Tea Bags
  • 1/2 cup Raspberries
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 tsp Cardamom

Let's Get To It

To start, we're going to make a Raspberry/Rose sugar syrup. Simply heat your Raspberry, Rosebuds, Cardamom and Sugar in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of water on medium until a syrup-consistency is achieved. 

Rose Raspberry Cardamom Chaga Antioxidants Powerhouse Superfood

While you're making your syrup, brew 3-4 cups of Chaga tea. My favorite way to brew it is the french press, it really gets the Chaga to the proper heat for a perfect hot water extraction and helps develop the flavor. Whatever method you're comfortable with will work just fine. 

Once you've achieved a syrup consistency, use your mesh sieve or coffee filters to strain the pulp out of your syrup. Feel free to leave the Raspberry and Cardamom pulp in your drink if you enjoy pulp, but definitely remove the rosebuds because they can get bitter. Add the syrup mixture to your tea and sweeten more if desired. 

Rosebud can be an acquired taste for some people, so if you're not a fan of the bitter-sweet taste of black tea, feel free to add less rosebuds to your mixture. After a few sips, the raspberry undertones and calming cardamom pair beautifully with the fragrant floral rose for an invigorating drink. 

Rose Raspeberry Chaga Cardamom Recipe Antioxidants Superfood Powerhouse Skincare


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