Birch Boys Grand Opening!

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Renovations have been coming along nicely at Birch Boys. We can't wait for you to see our space! We'll be opening April 16th. Our hours will be 10am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Keep reading to learn more about what kind of products we'll carry, our Chaga Cafe, and our Mushroom Vivarium!

Local Products

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In addition to carrying our own products and merchandise, we will also be stocking a number of local and/or mushroom related products. You'll find our shelves stocked with Parker's Maple Products, ADK Fragrance Farm, Apiterra Honey, Four Sigmatic and more. We will also have educational material on site. Friction-fire kits, a huge bioactive mushroom vivarium, mushroom growing kits, literature about mushrooms, information about and more! 

Chaga Cafe - Weekly Specials

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Our static menu consists of Regular and Maple Chaga. We will also be offering weekly specials.  Recipes from our website and new recipes will be offered! Have a drink you'd like to see Chaga-fied? Request are welcome! Just send us a message on Facebook!

Mushroom Vivarium!


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This vivarium serves a few important roles in the Birch Boys shop! It's primary function is to grow our own mushrooms! On top of that it will serve as an educational display, one can observe all the life going on inside this beautiful vivarium, learn about bioactive habitats, and learn about plants and/mushrooms. If you're inspired, you can pick up one of our mushroom growing kits!

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If you're wondering what kind of natural habitat we are trying to replicate the answer (surprisingly) is none. We wanted a multi-functional piece that could grow mushrooms, be self-sustaining (bioactive) and serve as an interactive centerpiece. It just so happened that our parameters were identical to the needs of a fun creature!

While this set up and combination of plants would not be found naturally, our parameters are perfect for what we intend to use this for. The mushrooms require a very high humidity to grow so we chose plants that would enjoy the moist air, and critters that require the same heat level as the mushrooms. Everything we put in this tank caters to the needs of the things around it. 

BIrch Boys, Vivarium, Mushrooms, Mycology, Horticulture

As you can see, this vivarium is an incredible size. The brunt of the work was done in about 11 hours! Nearly everyone on the Birch Boys team was involved (as well as some helpful friends). A variety of skills and knowledge were required for this adventure; carpentry, art, horticulture, and amphibian knowledge. You've got to come and see the finished product!


Are you going nuts trying to figure out what the critter is yet? Our critters won't arrive until after our opening (unfortunately), but stop by on or after Friday (April 20th) to see them for yourself! 

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