Meet The Team!

Here at Birch Boys, we're proud to have a fantastic team working behind the scenes! 

Marko Jukić

I am Marko Jukić, Chief Operations Officer of Birch Boys. I am a Junior at Bard College pursuing a degree in History and Economics. I assist in sales and marketing activities, and specialize in accounting, strategic development, and general administration. I met Garrett through 4-H camp, where he was my younger brother’s wilderness survival instructor and favorite counselor. We became fast friends and shortly afterwards Garrett asked me to accompany him on a road trip selling loose Chaga tea. Ever since, I have worked for Birch Boys and have been lucky enough to be part of a growing team filled with truly amazing co-workers.

Garrett Kopp

Garrett Birch Boys

I am Garrett Kopp, the 20 year old CEO and founder of Birch Boys. I spent my teenage years practicing primitive skills, teaching wilderness survival courses, and foraging for wild edibles. Despite my youth, I gained a variety of work experience through my endeavors delivering newspapers, producing videos, and working retail at The Wild Center Museum. After learning about Chaga from my Grandmother, I registered my first DBA for Birch Boys and began selling it at Farmers' Markets when I was 15 years old. After 11th grade, I graduated high school early to study Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Clarkson University, before deciding to work on Birch Boys full time. Although it may be impossible for me to fully convey the perspective I've gained through the crash-course my startup has gone through, there is one thing I'd like to share- Don't surround yourself with negativity. The only constraints in the world we live in are those that exist within our own minds. Being wrapped up with limited thinkers will do nothing but hinder you. 

Kaitlin Lawless 

Kaitlin Lawless

I'm Kaitlin Lawless, I am the Creative Director for Birch Boys! I handle our online presence, email marketing, graphic design and customer service. I love creating content for our website and interacting with customers daily. I met Garrett at 4H Camp Overlook when we were 11, we've been close friends ever since. Learning about Chaga has been one of the most enriching things I have taken on. I have quite a few hobbies, but my favorite (and most time consuming) are exotic pet keeping and making art. I am proud to be a part of the Birch Boys Family!

Tyler Nilsson

   Image may contain: Tyler Nilsson, outdoor

I'm Tyler Nilsson, the Administrative Assistant for Birch Boys! I take pride in interacting with customers and educating people on the benefits of Chaga. I met Garrett when we started playing hockey together at age 7, where we were then teammates for over 10 years. When I am not working you can find me at Potsdam College where I am pursuing a degree in Sociology and Psychology. I enjoy hiking around the Adirondacks, spending time with friends, and watching "The Office". I am excited to apply everything that I have learned from Birch Boys as I begin my second year with the company. 

Ann Shumway

Ann Birch Boys 

I am Ann Shumway. As the Store Manager for Birch Boys, I take care of the shop and bake all the treats! In my aesthetics business, I use aromatherapy and herbal skincare treatments. I have been a firm supporter of natural wellness for many years. We are all given nourishment and healing from the Earth- Chaga is a natural fit.

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You have an excellent website and I very much agree with the mission of your company. I will be ordering from your website first thing tomorrow morning. Your retail window in Tupper Lake caught our eye as we drove by today. Keep up the great work!!! I love it. :)


You have an excellent website and I very much agree with the mission of your company. I will be ordering from your website first thing tomorrow morning. Your retail window in Tupper Lake caught our eye as we drove by today. Keep up the great work!!! I love it. :)


What an amazing story, Garrett! I met Ann at the Tupper Lake store, and she explained your tea benefits with samples for our little party of four. The chaga mushroom you sold me is awaiting its dye bath so I can make gorgeous yarn for my knitting projects. I will spread the word about your company and products. My only regret is not buying the chaga maple tea or coffee at the store, but I will be buying it online. I’m hoping your coffee will help my acid reflux as others have said. Best wishes for all of you at Birch Boys!


Let’s go with it Birch Boys!! I agree with you Garett on the negativity aspect. It is the biggest constraint on doing something wonderful like you guys. I know Marko very well. He is a wonderful and a consistently positive man. I wanna wish you best of luck on your ventures.

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