Chaga Bath Bombs!

These bath bombs are loaded with soothing ingredients! Fill up your tub and let the fragrant essential oils relax your mind and body.

Bath Bombs Birch Boys Chaga Lavender Coconut Oil Epsom Salts

These powerful fizzers load your tub up with coconut oil, chaga, epsom salts and more! These ingredients help soothe skin irritations like eczema and psoriasis, reduce inflammation, relax your muscles, and moisturize your skin! Stop by the birch boys shop to pick some up, or keep reading to learn how to make them yourself! 

Bath Bombs Birch Boys Fizzers Coconut Oil Skin soothing

Be sure to stop in and check out our bath bomb scents! Lovely Lavender and Mystic Woods!


Ingredients Birch Boys Chaga Bath Bombs


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