Bulk Turkey Tail

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This product is intended for individuals and businesses who use bulk fungi as ingredients or raw materials.


Product Description: We offer bulk quantities of dried Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) mushrooms. Our Turkey Tail is sustainably wild-harvested from over 200,000 acres of Adirondack forest land. 

Suggested Use: This product is intended for individuals and businesses who use bulk mushrooms as an ingredient or raw material. Please note that this product is intended for those who know how to use raw Trametes versicolor, this product does not come with instructions for use.

Warning: This is a product intended for extraction. We do not recommend eating this product as is, without first extracting it. If you'd like a Turkey Tail product that is ready to use, check out our Turkey Tail Tincture.

Pricing: This product is subject to changes in price based on season and availability. We make no guarantees on this product's price or availability.


Customer Reviews

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Leanne Kumin
Always the best

I never get my medicinal mushrooms from any other place. Birch Boys always delivers a sustainable, potent, unadulterated product I trust. My Turkey Tail is fresh and the tea is mild and flavorful. Plus Birch Boys has great customer service! Thank you, always!

domenico nucci
Thanks 😊

Well received thanks

What’s the best way to conserve the bulk mushrooms I like so in a manner that doesn’t spoil them?

Chaga Ape
Quick shipping

Order got here lickety split!

Beautiful, beautiful Turkey Tail. Clean product. Love Birch Boys.

Great Job Garrett and Team!

Kelley E
Dedication and quality

For my business, I always buy ingredients in whole or lightly ground form because I want to have quality control over what goes into my products. I additionally look for the best quality. I'm so grateful to have found that with Birch Boys! And I'm appreciative of the dedication and passion that the founder of the company has for bringing such quality products to his customers.

Great product!

Product is clean and well-preserved and the customer service is wonderful. They make you feel like you've made a purchase from a real person.