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Photo Contest! (Win a free 4oz Tincture Bundle)

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    As a part of our annual Customer Appreciation Month, Birch Boys is holding a photo contest! 😀 Here are the rules:

    • We are accepting photo entries from Feb 1st - February 15th. Voting will officially begin on Tuesday February 16th and run through the end of Wednesday February 17th. The winner will be announced in this thread on Thursday February 18th.
    • Submit an entry by replying to this thread & attaching your photo.
    • Photos will be voted on by other Birch Boys customers!
      • Note that the ballot will be entirely separate from this thread. Liking the photos submitted by others is encouraged, but all photos will be collected & reformatted for equal representation. Official voting will take place through an email survey sent to our email list, so make sure you are subscribed in order to cast a vote!
    • The photo must contain a Birch Boys product or product derivative. In other words, your photo does not have to contain our packaging, so long as it contains the contents.
    • Only one photo entry allowed per customer.
    • If you have any other questions, you can post them as a reply to this thread. Best of luck & make it count! 


     Here are a few photos I took to spark some creativity:


  • Brewed  loose chaga 1st time in the pot, 3rd brew in the mason jar with the same 4 tsp., all BB tinctures, teas. Herbs rosemary, basil, with lemon and honey.

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