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Enhancing effectiveness

  • I ingest Chaga tincture daily and find it enhances my health, particularly immunity.  I like to let the tincture rest under my tongue before swallowing. Perhaps signaling my digestive system to know the goodness that is to come.  I take mine in the morning.

    Does anyone else have routines, times of day, rituals, other supplements or tincures that they use to enhance the efficacy of Chaga?  Interested in hearing from you!

  • Hi Catherine. I agree under the tongue does enhance tinctures. If I am doing a few singles I do that. To enhance everything  because I take so many I have a tumbler glass that I fill with warm Chaga tea  to dissolve my superfoods and add all tinctures. I do 1 spoonful each of Chlorella, Spirulina, 1 tsp of ashwagandaha which is also a adaptogenic, enhancing everything, reduces stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, stablilzes BP, and blood sugar, all 6 Birch Boys tinctures, chinese scullcap, Japanese knotweed, 2500 mg. of Vit C, and zeolite for detoxing. Prior to finding all Birch Boys tinctures I had not been able through any holistic means to put my Lyme disease and Lyme induced RA to get in remission and be able to exercise.  I have been working to heal for 7 years. Now inflammation and pain are almost nonexistant. I also drink chaga throughout the day. I do this regieme 2 times a day. This regieme for me is built around healing my Lyme and Arthritis which was so severe for years I could barely walk and was housebound. If it sounds extensive it is just what I have found to work for me. I know under the tongue is the best but using chaga tea and ashwagandha with them all is a great carrier in my body.

  • @Valerie Martin Thank you for your comments. It is wonderful that you have had such a marked improvement in your health and have found what works for you.  I love how you have listened to your body and trusted an inner knowing leading to your improvements.  Bravo!

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