Become a Chaga Supplier

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We work with loggers, foresters, and outoorsmen within our local community to help us maintain a large enough supply of Chaga. Our pricing is fixed and non-negotiable, and you will not be able to sell us chaga without first going through our verification process and scheduling an appointment. We only work with people who take pride in the ethical, sustainable, and legal harvest of Chaga mushroom. To become one of our Chaga harvesters, start by downloading and filling in the forms below:

Once you have printed and completed these documents, fill out the form below and upload the required documentation in PDF format. After submitting the form below, we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. Please understand that we are not always taking appointments. Once verified, we notify our suppliers when we are accepting inventory and you will be able to book appointments on a first come first serve basis. Happy hunting!

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