Employee Retail Training Information

Thank you for taking the time to take our sales training to learn more about functional fungi! This is the informational section. At the very bottom of this form is a quiz. If you take the quiz and earn 100% you will receive a free Birch Boys product from the options at the end of the quiz.

The first thing to cover is the FDA disclaimer. 

Our products are a dietary supplement and as such are not approved by the FDA.

Our products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.

Now let's get onto the fun stuff!

Birch Boys Information

Here at Birch Boys, our motto is nature, wellness, love. We strive to bring this motto into all of our product formulations. We use sustainable harvesting practices to ensure that our impact on the world is positive. We lease over 200,000 acres of private land for our exclusive harvesting rights. 

Here's what sets us apart:

Our retail selections include teas, tinctures and skincare made from a variety of functional fungi including Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Maitake. Below, you'll read through our informational booklet pages which are a great resource for you and your customers!

Important Note: 

Many mushrooms have overlapping benefits, such as polysaccharides, beta glucans, triterpenoids, and more. The following breakdowns highlight the most powerful selling points of each mushroom.



Chaga has a rich history of use dating back to the Khanty people of Siberia. Since then, chaga has gained recognition for it's health-boosting properties including:

Remember - Nourish The Immune System (when in doubt, read the keywords on the label)


The first textual mentions of reishi date back to the Han dynasty, over 2,000 years ago. Ancient Chinese scripts documented reishi as an "elixir of immortality." Reishi's benefits include:

Remember - Promotes Restful Sleep


Turkey Tail

Like reishi, turkey tail was also used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as by indigenous North Americans. While not a publicized as reishi, turkey tail is presently the most clinically researched mushroom. Turkey tail's benefits include:

Remember - Polysaccharide Protection

Lion's Mane

Lion's mane was also used in traditional Chinese medicine, but was historically reserved for royalty. Buddhist Monks also utilized lion's mane to increase focus during meditation. Lion's mane benefits include:

Remember - Think like a fungus!


Maitake means 'Dancing Mushrooms' in Japanese. It was so highly revered that it could be sold for it's weight in silver. This fact made the commoners dance for joy whenever they found maitake! Maitake's benefits include:

Remember - Maitake = Metabolic Support

****It's important to note that tinctures provide more beneficial compounds than tea. This is because tinctures combine an alcohol extraction with a hot-water extraction. Whereas, teas only contain the compounds that can be extracted by water. Recommend tinctures for maximum benefit****

Lastly, but not least, is our Chaga Skin Cream and Lip Balm!

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