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Job Description

Birch Boys is seeking an individual who already possesses a high degree of sales experience who can confidently & independently scale our annual revenue within the wellness industry.

We will be receptive to suggestions / knowledge that candidates may bring forth from prior sales roles or existing experiences with sales-based pay structures.


This role does not require proximity or relocation to our physical business location, however, the location of any applicant could play a key role in the opportunities that he or she may offer to Birch Boys.

Interested applicants who are located in the Hudson Region / Capital regions of New York are especially encouraged to apply. Out of state residents are also encouraged if they live in an area with bountiful untapped fruit - meaning urban areas or health conscious communities with a plethora of health food coops and specialty grocery stores.

Payment Structure

Hourly base pay of $15/hour for clearly traceable activities (time spent on the phone) + commission based incentives. Note that the amount of time spent on these traceable activities will contribute very little to overall pay, which will be primarily based on commission.