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Teas, Coffee,Tinctures, Soaps, Birch Bark Frames, historic ADK Photos, and more!

We opened our storefront on April 16th of 2018. We designed the retail showroom of our headquarters to be a sort of "walk-in brochure". The centerpiece of our storefront is a massive terrarium that we use to grow mushrooms for educational purposes. We aren't using the word "massive" lightly- The terrarium is over 8 feet long, 6 feet tall, and five feet wide. Built out of nothing but recycled material, this was undoubtedly the capstone project of our final renovations. In our store, you'll also find our tea bar where we serve cold and hot Chaga specials, and you can sit down and enjoy our free wifi. Come prepared to share your story, learn interesting new facts about mushrooms of the region, and be dazzled by intriguing visuals.