Our 3 Part Plan for Sustainable Chaga Harvesting

working with local logging companies for chaga harvesting

Collaborating with Local Logging Companies

It's worth mentioning that the mascot of our home town is the Tupper Lake Lumberjacks! Nestled in the heart of a 6 million acre forest preserve known as the Adirondack Park, logging has been a staple of the North Country's economy since its early development. Just 45 minutes from our headquarters, you can find the country's most respected institution of higher education in forestry and natural sciences, Paul Smiths College. We are fortunate enough to have a vast network of trained foresters, outdoorsmen, and loggers that have the opportunity to harvest Chaga during their day jobs surveying private lands in the Park. Additionally, we work with logging millsthat supply us with Chaga found on trees cut for logging, which had historically been a wasted bi-product (a mill is where trees are brought to be cut and processed into lumber).

GPS tagging research for chaga harvesting

Documentation of Chaga-infected Birch Trees with GPS Technology

How are we sure that harvesting Chaga mushroom is sustainable? That's always been the million dollar question in our industry. Truthfully, it isn't a simple question to answer. That's why we decided to start documenting the locations of the trees we'd harvest from, monitor the Chaga's regrowth each year, and begin collecting data that could actually lead to new discoveries about this fascinating polypore. We're learning that the sustainability of this resource is entirely in the hands of the harvester... Which you'll learn more about below!

leave no footprint while chaga harvesting sustainably

"Leave no Footprint" Harvesting Practices

It's as simple as the plot of a children's book... Don't be selfish! We encourage the harvest of Chaga, but you MUST leave some behind. Allow this uniquely powerful mushroom of the gods the opportunity to continue life and drop its own spores. In fact, harvesting Chaga correctly can prolong the life of the birch tree that it's hosting on, as well as actually lead to a greater overall output of Chaga! Be respectful of nature. As a society, we tend to underestimate the impacts of our careless behavior. But what's more amazing to us is that we often underestimate our own ability to make a positive impact.


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