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Your Mushroom's Journey

Origin: [[LOCATION]] 

Lot [[ID]] was sustainably sourced from more than 6 millions acres of thick Adirondack forest on [[HARVEST_DATE]]. Every one of our harvests is tracked with GPS coordinates, and we monitor the forest for regrowth.

Our policy - leave some behind. By allowing the tree to continue life it'll drop it's spores and create new growth. Harvesting chaga correctly can actually prolong the life of the birch tree that it's hosting on, as well as actually lead to a greater overall output of chaga.

Harvested by [[HARVESTER_NAME]]

Your product was harvested by [[HARVESTER_NAME]] as part of a [[WEIGHT]]lb harvest that produced [[TEA_BAGS]] tea bags with a moisture content of [[MOISTURE_CONTENT]].



Chaga Chopping
Adirondack Chaga Harvest

Facility Arrival:

Your mushroom arrived on [[FACILITY_ARRIVAL]], and placed into the drying chamber that same day.

Birch Boys Van
Drying Chaga Mushrooms


Your [[MATERIAL]] was ground and processed on [[PROCESS_DATE]].

Drying Mushrooms
Grinding Chaga Mushrooms


Your tea bags were counted and Packaged on [[PACKAGE_DATE]] by [[PACKAGER_NAME]], one of our production staff.

Creating Chaga Tea Bags
Packaging Chaga
Boxing Mushroom Tea