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Peachy Reishi Green Tea! A Refreshing Summer Iced Tea Recipe

Jun 22, 2020Garrett Kopp

Wild American Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma tsugae) only grows every other summer. That's pretty unique, don't you think? It feels fitting to enjoy these bountiful fruits of the our Adirondack forests while they are actually growing. Why? Because right now, they are SUPER fresh! But also, why not? This summer, refresh yourself with an ice cold glass of "the mushroom of immortality", just like the Chinese nobility have been doing for 2,000 years, dating all the way back to the Han dynasty!

A few months ago my partner created a killer recipe for iced Reishi tea. Today, I want to share that with you.

List of Ingredients

  • 1/4 Cup Honey

    Locally sourced, if possible! The amount can be modified to taste.

  • 1 Whole Peach

    Ideally I'd suggest choosing one that is non-GMO and/or organic.

  • 1 Box of Wildcraft Reishi Tea Bags from Birch Boys

    These tea bags are hardy, weighing a whopping 2.5g each (over double the weight of most tea bags) and can be used more than once. They're also blended with organic rose hips, which add a potent punch of Vitamin C, and enhance the flavor of the Reishi.

  • 1 Box of Your Favorite Organic Green Tea Bags

    I would suggest choosing a green tea that does not contain any additional flavors or unnecessary sweeteners.

  • Sprig of Fresh Mint for Garnishing (optional)

    The mint will not be steeped. Instead I will use it to garnish each glass of the iced tea as I pour it. Fun fact: It is relatively easy to find fresh wild mint growing near marshy area, within close proximity to ponds, or on the edge of wetlands. Wild mint will always have a square and fuzzy stem. (And of course, it will smell minty, to confirm).

Required Supplies

  • Measuring Cup
  • Knife and Cutting Board
  • Sauce Pan (large enough for 1/2 gallon water)
  • Pitcher for Storage

Step 1

Measure 8 cups of water and add to sauce pan. Add 5 Birch Boys Reishi tea bags, and 5 of your favorite green tea bags.

Reishi mushroom tea bags iced tea batch

Step 2

Cut your peach into two halves. Slice one half into thin slices and add to sauce pan. Hold on to the other half until later on.

Peachy green Tea Recipe with Reishi mushroom

Step 3

Steep current ingredients covered on medium-high heat, until it reaches a boil. When it reaches boiling point, reduce stove heat to low, allowing the tea to slowly simmer instead of a rolling boil.

Reishi tea recipe

Step 4

Add the 1/4 cup of honey into the simmering reishi tea, mix in the honey, then put the cover back on and simmer on low heat for an additional 15 minutes.

adding honey to batch of reishi green tea

Step 5

After 15 minutes, kill the heat. Allow the tea to cool. To speed up the process, you can fill the bottom fourth of your pitcher with ice cubes & pour the hot tea over ice.

pouring hot reishi tea over ice into pitcher

Step 6

Grab that other peach halve! Cut into thin slices and add to the pitcher of tea.

Adding sliced peached to pitcher of iced reishi mushroom tea

Step 7

Refrigerate for 1 hour. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint leaves, serve, relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy!

Reishi Tea Recipe mixed with green tea garnished with a sprig of mint and peach slices

Estimated Nutritional Information Per 1 Glass

Calories: 80 | Fat Content: 0g | Carbohydrate Content: 21g | Protein Content: 0g | Sodium Content: 4mg | Fiber Content: 6g | Sugar Content: 20g

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  • This recipe sounds amazing – I’m gonna give it try today,!!

  • Will try this. I have all the ingredients . Tha is for the recipe.

    Nancy Myers

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