How To Start a Mushroom Tincture Routine

Are you interested in adding Mushroom Tinctures to your routine but aren't sure how to get started?

This is the page for you!

Before You Get Started...

There are a few pieces of foundational information that are important to understand before getting into exactly how to start your Mushroom Tincture Routine.

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1. Every Person Has Unique Body Chemistry

We are often asked to give customers a pre-set regimen for our tinctures. We are attempting to do so here, but it is incredibly important to note that every single person has a unique body and thusly, unique body chemistry. How susceptible any person is to the effects of supplements varies, on a spectrum. Some people are very sensitive to supplements, while others are more resistant to supplements. There is a wide range of people who fall in-between those two ends of the spectrum. Those who are very sensitive to supplements may only need 1mL of tincture per day to experience benefit. Those more resistant to supplements may need the full 4mL serving size. Many people are ‘in-betweeners’ and will fall in the 2-3mL serving size category.

We have designed our maximum serving size to accommodate those differences in sensitivity to supplements as well as to accommodate individuals who may want a higher serving size to target specific issues. We’ll detail how to figure out what’s right for you further down this page.

2. New Supplement = Adjustment Period

Any time you consume a type of nutrient that your body is not familiar with, it is beneficial to give your gut a small period of time to adjust. Mushrooms contain a few micronutrients that may be foreign to your body. If you are totally new to mushrooms (you don’t regularly eat mushrooms or take mushroom supplements) we recommend starting with a small serving size for about a week.

If mushrooms and/or mushroom supplements are already a part of your diet, your gut is likely already adjusted to mushrooms.

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3. Mushroom Tincture Best Practices

  • Due to the small alcohol content in our tinctures, we recommend taking Birch Boys tinctures with food.
  • Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures can be taken at any time of the day. Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane and Maitake are all very stimulating and provide energy, so they are most often taken in the morning. Reishi has a calming effect, so some customers prefer to take Reishi in the evening. However, many people take Reishi in the morning, it is up to you!
  • You can add mushroom tinctures to any natural beverage that is at a comfortable drinking temperature. We advise against adding tinctures to beverages that have numerous artificial ingredients and/or are too hot to drink, as doing so could alter the beneficial compounds in the tincture.

4. Start With One (Optional)

If you purchased multiple tinctures and you’re starting for the first time, we gently advise starting with one tincture first and adding the other tinctures into your routine overtime.

Adding tinctures into your routine one-by-one is the best way to find the right mushroom tinctures for you. This way, you’ll be able to get a feel for the benefits of each tincture and how that specific tincture affects your unique body.

Each person will notice benefits on a different timeline, based on how sensitive they are to supplements. Most customers notice benefits rather quickly (1-7 days) while others may need to use tinctures for 30-60 days before noticing a difference. We recommend starting your first tincture for 7 days and then adding additional tinctures to your routine each week or two (or whenever you feel ready.)

What Are The Noticeable Benefits?

While many benefits of mushroom tinctures overlap (like immune support and adaptogenic properties,) each tincture shines brightest in a certain category. Each person will take a different amount of time to notice benefits, but most notice benefits within 30-60 days. Some people only notice the benefits after they have stopped using tinctures. Also, not everyone will notice every single benefit. All of that being said, click on the tabs below to see the most common benefits that our customers report for each tincture.

Please note - This is not a comprehensive list of benefits, simply the benefits that our customers often report noticing.

Birch Boys Chaga Tincture

Our Customers Report:

  • Fewer instances of getting sick
  • More physical energy
  • More motivation

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Birch Boys Reishi Tincture

Our Customers Report:

  • Feeling more calm
  • Feeling less affected by day to day stressors
  • More instances of a positive mood
  • Deeper sleep

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Birch Boys Turkey Tail Tincture

Our Customers Report:

  • Great gut/digestive function
  • Fewer instances of getting sick

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Birch Boys Lion's Mane Tincture

Our Customers Report:

  • Less brain fog
  • More mental energy
  • More alertness
  • More instances of having a positive mood

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Birch Boys Maitake Tincture

Our Customers Report:

  • Supported weight loss
  • Supported healthy cardiovascular function

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How To Get Started

For a good starting point, find the situation that describes you best and click to read on.

I Don’t Regularly Consume Fungi and/or I Have Never Tried A Mushroom Supplement:

If you’re a total newbie to fungi, WELCOME!

For those who are new to fungi, we recommend starting low and going slow. This is because any time you introduce a new type of micronutrient into your diet, it is good to give your gut a short period of time to adjust.

  1. Start with a serving size of 1mL for a week (similar to CBD, it's always good to start low and go slow). If your gut is behaving normally after one week, you can move onto the next step!
  2. Now, you can work on figuring out which serving size is right for you. If you find that you’re not experiencing the desired effect from the tinctures, you can increase your serving size by 1mL, as needed (up to 4mL.)
  3. Once you've figured out your sweet spot, you're all set!

For more info, you can scroll to the Maintenance & FAQ section of this page.

Mushrooms and/or Mushroom Supplements Are Already A Part Of My Diet:

If you are already taking a mushroom supplement, drinking a mushroom tea, or regularly consuming mushrooms, then your gut is likely already used to mushroom micronutrients. You can start at any serving size (up to 4mL) but we recommend starting with a 1- 2mL serving size and increasing as needed (up to 4mL.)

I’m Targeting A Specific Issue and/or Working With an Herbalist:

If you are targeting a specific issue, and you’re new to fungi, start with 1mL per day for one week. After that, if your gut is behaving normally, then you can increase your serving size to the full 4mL per day.

If you're targeting a specific issue and you regularly consume mushrooms or mushroom supplements, feel free to start at whatever serving size you're comfortable with (up to 4mL.)

If you are working with an herbalist or medical provider who works with natural remedies, consult with them to determine your recommended serving size.

Next, we'll discuss how to maintain and/or make changes in your routine...

How To Maintain Your Routine

Now that you know how to get started, let’s talk about if, why and how you should make a change in your routine.

Here are some reasons that people may change their tincture routine and the accompanying solutions. Click the tabs to read more...

I Am Not Experiencing The Desired Results

If you have been using the tinctures for 1-2 months and are not experiencing the desired results, you may need to increase your serving size. We recommend increasing your daily serving by 1mL per week, up to 4mL.

If you have already increased your serving size and you are not noticing any benefits, you may be someone who is more resistant to the noticeable benefits of the tinctures. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting any benefits! Some people notice gradual change less than others do, and that’s okay.

Occasionally customers will stop using tinctures for a short time and in doing so, they realize that the tinctures were working for them! This is because they did not notice the gradually appearing benefits, but they did notice the absence of those benefits when they took a break.

Each person is unique, so in some cases, a customer may find that one (or several) tinctures have a profound effect on their life, but a different tincture may not affect them as profoundly. In this case, just continue using the tinctures that work best for you! We offer the awesome ‘Mushroom Tincture Bundle’ pricing on any five tinctures (code: BUNDLE5) as well as on any 3 tinctures (code: BUNDLE3) so that you can build a custom routine, at the best price.

I Am Feeling Overstimulated/Too Energetic

Our Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail and Maitake are all energy-providing, stimulating tinctures. If you’re feeling overly energetic or overstimulated, decrease your serving size by 1mL per week until you find your sweet spot. We also recommend taking the aforementioned tinctures in the morning or afternoon, rather than in the evening, since they are so stimulating.

I Am Feeling Drowsy

Our Reishi Tincture is a calming tincture. When Reishi Tincture is taken during the day, most people experience a more calm and collected mood, rather than feeling drowsy, but that’s not always the case. If you find that taking the Reishi Tincture in the morning makes you drowsy during the day, we recommend taking it in the evening instead of the morning.

Alternatively, if you like taking Reishi in the morning but want to feel less calm/drowsy during the day, you could decrease your serving size of the Reishi Tincture or add one of our energy-providing tinctures to your routine. Chaga and Lion’s Mane work very well for energy.

I Am Experiencing An Unwanted Effect

This is an incredibly rare instance.

If you are experiencing unwanted effects from Mushroom Tinctures, stop taking the tincture(s) and reach out to us for more information. We are not medical professionals and cannot dispense medical advice, but we will work with you to make the situation right.

If you are on certain medications, are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, or if you have an upcoming surgery, we recommend speaking with your medical provider before taking Mushroom Tinctures. More details can be found on each product page in the ‘Warnings’ section.

Mushroom Tincture FAQ

Now that you’ve got all of the info you need to start your tincture routine, let’s take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about our Mushroom Tinctures.

Do Mushroom Tinctures Contain Alcohol?

Yes, our tinctures contain 22% organic cane alcohol. Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures are double extracted tinctures, meaning that we extract our tinctures with both hot-water and alcohol so that you can get the full spectrum of benefits from fungi, in one easy squeeze!

If you are allergic to alcohol or are in recovery, we recommend opting for Mushroom Teas instead of tinctures.

Read more about alcohol’s purpose in Birch Boys tinctures by clicking the button below.

Can I Take All Five Tinctures Daily?


You can take up to a full serving of each of our 5 Mushroom Tinctures per day.

For a breakdown of how much alcohol that equates to, click the button below.

What Do Mushroom Tinctures Taste Like?

We do not use any flavoring agents in our tinctures, but each Birch Boys Mushroom Tincture has a different naturally-occurring flavor. Each tincture will taste like the featured fungus as well as a bit of alcohol.

Chaga has a mild to sweet flavor. Reishi has a slightly bitter flavor. Turkey Tail has an umami flavor. Lion’s Mane has a seafood/mushroomy flavor. Maitake has an earthy flavor. If you find the flavor of the of the tinctures to be too strong for your liking, add them to your favorite beverage or try one of our stellar recipes.

Are Mushroom Tinctures Gluten-Free?

Yes! Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures are gluten-free.

Are Mushroom Tinctures Vegan?

Yes! Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures are vegan.

How Should I Store Mushroom Tinctures?

Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures are shelf stable. Store them in a cool area that is out of direct sunlight.

Can Kids Use Mushroom Tinctures?

There is no definitive research on this topic. There is also no indication that Mushroom Tinctures are unsafe for children. As a general rule, children under ten should not be given supplements without consulting a healthcare professional. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance, use your parental discretion when introducing a supplement to your child’s diet.

Can Dogs Use Mushroom Tinctures?

Yes, dogs can use tinctures! To read more about our success in using Mushroom Tinctures with Joey, the resident Birch Boys pooch, click the button below.

Can Cats Use Mushroom Tinctures?

No, cats cannot use Tinctures. Cats are incredibly sensitive to alcohol and cannot tolerate it, even in small amounts. If you’d like to offer mushroom products to your cat, we recommend looking into Mushroom Teas.

Can I Add Tinctures To A Beverage

Yes! We often find that adding tinctures to a beverage enhances the flavor of the beverage. It is a great solution for those who don't enjoy the taste of tinctures, but want to include them in their regimen.

Can I Combine Tinctures Into One Bottle?

If you’d like to combine the tinctures into one bottle, you can. Alternatively, you could purchase our Fungi Five Tincture, which is a combination of all five of our mushrooms in one tincture bottle.

Do Birch Boys Tinctures Contain Mycelium?

No. Birch Boys products do not contain any mycelium or filler. We are proud to offer fruiting body (and sclerotium)-only fungi products.

Why Isn't My Dropper Pulling Up The Right Amount?

Our droppers, when used correctly, will pull up approximately 1mL of tincture. There is an instructional on how to do this on the box. Our droppers do not pull up a full 4mL serving, each squeeze will pull up approximately 1mL, which measures about halfway up the glass tube.

If your dropper isn't pulling up any liquid, it is likely dislodged. Simply pull the glass tube part out of the plastic/rubber part and then reinsert it. It should work now! If not, reach out to us for help.

Why Are Some Droppers Marked (1mL, 2mL, etc) and Some Not?

The short answer is that it is due to supply chain issues and waste reduction.

We prefer to use marked droppers with our tinctures.

Occasionally, due to backorders at our supplier, we will purchase and use unmarked droppers. Since we offer a free and easy recycling program for our tincture bottles and droppers, you will occasionally receive an unmarked dropper that has remained in rotation.

How Can I Get The Bundle Price on Any 5 Tinctures?

You can get the bundle price on any 3 or 5 tinctures!

For 3 Tinctures use code: BUNDLE3

For 5 Tinctures use code: BUNDLE5

*Please note that our website limits the way that these coupons can be used, and some deals are incompatible with others. If you're having trouble getting a coupon to work, just give us a call. We'll make sure to get you the best deal on offer.


Should I Get The Tincture Bundle or Fungi Five?

Great question! The Mushroom Tincture Bundle is one of each of our Mushroom Tinctures. The Fungi Five is 1/5th of each of our tinctures in one bottle. The Fungi Five is the only Birch Boys Mushroom Tincture where it is appropriate to exceed the maximum serving size of 4mL/day (taking 20mL of Fungi Five per day is the equivalent of taking 4mL of each individual Birch Boys Tincture per day.)

If you want a 2-4mL serving of each mushroom tincture daily: You can opt for the Mushroom Tincture Bundle -OR- opt for the Fungi Five and take 20mL/day instead of 4mL/day (or 10mL/day instead of 2mL/day, etc.) The only real difference is the number of bottles you have to deal with daily, so it is totally up to you. You can get the ‘Mushroom Tincture Bundle’ pricing on any 3 (code: BUNDLE3) or any 5 tinctures(code: BUNDLE5,) this deal includes the Fungi Five Tincture.

If you want ~1mL serving of each mushroom tincture daily: The Fungi Five Tincture would be a great choice for you. It contains just under 1mL of each mushroom tincture per serving. Alternatively, If you want exactly 1mL of each Mushroom Tincture by using the Fungi Five, you can take 5mL of Fungi Five per day.

What Happened To The Ganoderma Tincture?

The Ganoderma Tincture was a previous version of our Reishi Tincture. If you're looking to re-purchase, then the Reishi Tincture is what you're looking for.

"Ganoderma" is Reishi's genus name. North American Red Reishi is Ganoderma tsugae and White Reishi is Ganoderma applanatum (aka: Artist's Conk.) Red Reishi and White Reishi share medicinal benefits, which is why we used to include White Reishi in our Ganoderma Tincture. However, White Reishi requires a great deal more effort in processing, which is why our Reishi Tincture is now made with only Red Reishi.

If you're interested in White Reishi (Artist's Conk) please reach out to let us know! It is abundant on our leased lands.


What Happened To The Cordyceps Tincture?

Cordyceps is a great sclerotia to incorporate into your diet (wondering what a sclerotia is? Click here to learn more.) We have chosen to place our focus on mushrooms/sclerotium that can be easily wild-sourced on our leased land or easily organically sourced from the US. Unfortunately, that is not the case for cordyceps, so while we think this is a GREAT fungus to include in your regimen, we no longer offer it from Birch Boys. If you’d like a recommendation for a high quality supplier of cordyceps, please reach out to us by clicking the button below.