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USDA Organic Seal, Made in USA Seal, GMO Free Seal, Sustainably Sourced Seal

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Mushroom Tincture Bundle

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Mushroom Tincture Quick Answers

We extract our 4oz tinctures from 12,500mg (dried) of mushroom fruiting bodies (and/or fungal sclerotia). Each daily serving contains the beneficial compounds from 417mg of fungi. Learn more about Birch Boys' Mushroom Tincture Formulation.

Yes, you can take a full serving of each of our 6 mushroom tinctures, once daily. This equates to about one teaspoon of alcohol in total.

Read about why alcohol is necessary in mushroom tinctures.

View the full guide: How to Use Mushroom Tinctures

How To Use: Mushroom Tinctures

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Our Formulation

Mushroom Tincture Science
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Mushroom Education

Chaga tincture, chunks of chaga and a chaga conk on a bright orange background
Learn about


Learn about


Turkey Tail tincture with turkey tail mushroom on a bright purple background
Learn about

Turkey Tail

Artist's Conk Tincture next to artist conk mushroom chunks on a pink background
Learn about

Artist's Conk

Lion's Mane
Learn about

Lion's Mane

Reishi tincture and reishi slices on a red background
Learn about



Custom 6 Tincture Bundle

Best Wild Chaga Products

No one does chaga like Birch Boys. We offer top quality top quality chaga at the best price. Sustainably harvested from over 200,000 acres of forest land in the Adirondack Mountains.

Garrett's Introduction to Chaga

When I was 15 years old, after mowing my Mimi's lawn, I helped myself to a tall glass of what appeared to be iced tea in her fridge. I was on my second helping, when she saw me. Her jaw dropped. She found it hilarious to inform me that I was drinking her freshest batch of home-brewed fungus tea. Chaga!

I'll never forget our day-trip to the Campground. Mimi precariously wielded her cane - aiming it high above her head - to deliver a forceful strike at a piece of Chaga. She did this again and again, until down it came, and a crowd of observers cheered. For a woman battling stage 4 pancreatic Cancer, her passion was totally contagious. As any loving Grandson would, I started harvesting Chaga for my Grandmother. I was her Birch Boy.

Nine years later - I'm still harvesting, selling, learning and educating about Chaga. Sadly, Mimi is no longer with us. I'd like to believe she can see how far this has come. I know that she'd be joyous and proud."
-Garrett Kopp, Founder

Learn about our commitment sustainable fungi
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Did you know that chaga is not a mushroom?

10 Misconceptions About Chaga

After working for over 9 years in the forest sourcing wild chaga, I have learned that chaga is one of the most misunderstood organisms on earth.

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