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"As someone with advanced education in clinical nutrition, I am blown away by the abundant research and anecdotal evidence regarding the benefits of Chaga. As a tea drinker, it has become my beverage of choice."

- Michele Zenk Burke, MS/Clinical Nutrition/NYU

"You never know what might be mixed in with Chaga purchased on-line, but the Chaga from Birch Boys is 100% ALL Chaga."

-Bruce H.

"Great product, packaging, and prompt delivery. 5 star."

-Gary T.

"This lotion is fabulous. My skin totally absorbs it and there is no oily film. I use earplugs every night and this lotion at night and in the morning totally eliminates any irritation and all the peeling, dry skin. It stops the itching of skin healing from burns and irritants."

-Sandy G.

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Chaga for skin care

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