A Short History Of Chaga

Humans are drawn to mystery. We love to watch them, be a part of them, and spread them around. 

Much of the knowledge about the history of Chaga remains a mystery. There are many facts you may come across on the internet and in literature, some are true and some are not. Here we will try to sort out the fact from the fiction so you know just how far back the use of Chaga goes!

There is speculation that Otzi the Iceman ( a well-preserved mummy from 3400 and 3100 BCE) carried Chaga in his pouch, however this has not been confirmed, so for this article we'll start with the Khanty people of Western Siberia. 

Otzi The Iceman Birch Boys Chaga History

The Khanty people used Chaga in a variety of ways. They drank it to aid in digestion, help make them feel fuller and to detox. The Khanty people smoked it, believing that it improved lung health. They also used Chaga as a soap, due to it's anti-inflammatory properties, it helped soothe their skin sores. 

Khanty Man Birch Boys Chaga History

Chaga soon spread around Russia, being utilized by hunters and foragers to increase their capacity to work, and to promote endurance. 

In the 12th century, Tzar Vladmir Monamakh attributed the disappearance of his lip tumors to a decoction of Chaga mushroom. 

Tsar Vladmir Monomakh Birch Boys Chaga History

Fast forward to the 26th century, when Chaga was dubbed the 'King of the Herbs' by Shen Nung Pen Ts'ao Ching. Chaga is now widely used throughout Asia. 

Shen Nung Birch Boys Chaga History

In the 1950s Moscow Medical Institute began conducting clinical trials of Chaga Mushroom. It was soon used in clinics all around Russia, and was agreed upon by researchers that Chaga helped improve immune function. 

1955, Chaga has been studied intensely and recognized as a medical treament in Russia by the Russian Medical Academy of Science. 

In 1968, The Cancer Ward by Russian novelist, A. Solzhenitsyn made the knowlegde of Chaga available to the West.

In modern times, Chaga is used widely throughout Europe, drank as a tea and used in skincare. Chaga is also experiencing a boom in use in the United States, California spearheading the mushroom tea/ mushroom coffee trend. 

Birch Boys Chaga History

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Birch Boys Chaga

It's apparent that Chaga is a treasure and a gift to the world, enhance your wellness today!



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