Chaga your Chakras to Open Your Third Eye!

Well-Rounded Wellness

Wellness is not just counting calories and hitting your target heart rate twice weekly. Wellness is individualized and highly differentiated based on age, physical ability and lifestyle variables. Each day is an opportunity to explore your own wellness path to include a combination of physical, mental and spiritual health. Happiness and forward thinking can create a unique atmosphere to learn and grow throughout life to find a regime that works best for YOU!

This is especially important in today’s age of fast-paced living; where professional interests, family obligations or societal pressures can have us feeling unenergized and unmotivated to make positive steps forward. For those seeking happiness and health on their own terms, these can be challenging obstacles preventing us from realizing the true potential of the human mind and body.

Throughout the past 15 years, the concept of well-rounded wellness has become a focus of not just the fitness community, but also herbalism and natural products connoisseurs, yoga instructors and massage/energy workers who realize the benefits of exercise in conjunction with proper diets and mental/metaphysical health.

Introducing Chakras

As we examine the roots of wellness, and recognize the individual wellness paths we choose to follow, one cannot ignore the concept of chakras and their direct correlation with overall well being.

Chakras are now more than ever a fascinating and historically relevant concept of manifesting a positive physical/spiritual balance.

chaga mushroom chakra energy healing using chaga mushroom to open your third eye chakra

There are 7 different chakras known for different central energy points within the body. Think of the 7 chakras as a hierarchy in which each milestone must be met starting with the Root Chakra in order to reach the highest level of balance and enlightenment.

Each chakra is associated with an integral physical system that completes the human body biome.

For example, the Heart Chakra is the powerhouse of the body, physically powering movement and connections with others. This is also the location of all feelings; sadness or empowerment, jealousy or pridefulness.

Needless to say, each Chakra needs to be opened and receptive to energy flow. There are certain systems used to clear chakras and promote healthy, balanced energy zones of the body.

How to Open Your Third Eye with Chaga Mushroom

We are here to highlight the incredible benefits of Chaga (Innonotus obliqqus) in opening and clearing the Third Eye, or the Ajna Chakra. This Chakra is related to a central part of the brain and can be exercised just like any other muscle by using yoga, mental agility challenges and meditation.

To start, explaining the benefits of different substances on Chakra energies means nothing if you have not already practiced visualizing and/or connecting with your 7 chakra zones. To start: picture yourself floating in a vast vacuum of space and time. A blank slate of existence so to speak. Next, do a scan of your body, and feel the energy flowing through your veins. Flex your fingers and toes, move your arms in a slight circular motion. Rub your hands together and pull them apart, to feel the energy between your skin. Now that you have checked in with your body, and are familiar with its extents, visualize the 7 chakra zones from the chart above.

Focus on the Third Eye Chakra- a human eye into the collective consciousness of the universe and beyond. If you feel a calling to explore and awaken your metaphysical strengths, hone in on the Third Eye Chakra. Not only can your mental focus and acuity improved by simply strengthening this area of the body, but certain substances can help open your Third Eye when they are consumed. Have you ever read about fluoride calcifying your pineal gland? There may actually be some validity to chemicals either helping or hindering your body’s natural chemical processes.

Let’s delve deeper into an understanding of the pineal gland for a moment. How does this relate to the Ajna Chakra? The pineal gland is a small organ the size of a grain of rice that is located in the epithalamus (center of the brain) and is responsible for producing serotonin and melanin: two of the most publicized “happy’ chemicals that have been explored by scientists. These chemicals are responsible for regulating sleep, forming creative ideas and feeling happy in general.

Benefits of Melanin for Third Eye Opening

Melanin is a direct counterpart to Melatonin — a neurotransmitter that maintains the REM sleep cycle and biological rhythms in the body. This chemical can enhance dream sleep, regulate moods, slows physical and mental signs of aging and provides support to our immune system. Melanin is converted to melatonin when ingested, and also produces the pigmentation in human eyes and skin, can help reduce or combat stress and according to research provided by Dr. Michaela Brenner and Dr. Vincent J. Hearing also can help combat skin cancer and protect skin from damaging UV rays and premature aging of the skin (

So the point of it all? Chaga contains a seriously high dose of melanin. In fact, according to all known scientific knowledge, Chaga actually has the highest levels of naturally occurring melanin known to man. Melanin can help de-calcify the pineal gland and help restore normal function to this organ within the brain. When ingested, melanin is converted into melatonin. Aside from the various other benefits of Chaga such as targeting free radicals in the body, helping to lower stress and blood pressure levels and having anti-inflammatory properties- high levels of melatonin allow us to utilize Chaga as a part of a wellness routine in a way that provides real benefits.

Consider this information when exploring the best mushroom products to introduce into your life. Ingestibles such as Chaga tea or tinctures seem to be the best recommendations when working with the Ajna Chakra.


Did this post spark an interest in sharing a story in regards to your use of Chaga for Chakra alignment? Please leave a comment below or send us an email with any thoughts you would like to share or discuss. We are always searching for more uses for this miracle mushroom, especially as we continue along the path of discovery for uses into the future.

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