Refund Policy

Reach Out And Take Action In A Timely Manner

We do our very best to work with our customers to achieve a favorable solution for all involved. Please extend us the same respect by taking action in a timely manner.

If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason or would like to request a refund, return or exchange, please reach out to us as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from the date that you received your order. 

If you are returning a product to us and we have issued you a free return shipping label, please make sure to ship the item(s) back to us within 2 weeks of being issued the free return label.


Damaged Goods Upon Arrival

In most instances, we will offer a replacement or substitute free of charge, and ask that you text or email a picture of the damaged product to help us better understand what went wrong. If you elect to receive a refund instead of a replacement, we will honor your request. Make sure to let us know about your damaged item as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the order was received. 

Not Satisfied with Product / Not What I Expected

If you are dissatisfied, please send your feedback to In any reasonable circumstance your order may be fully refundable, at the discretion of our President. In most cases, the purchaser will be responsible for the cost of the return shipment in order to preserve and restore inventory that has not been opened or unsealed.

Products that have been opened/used by the purchaser are not returnable, and may or may not be entitled to a refund, based on the discretion of our President. You can trust that we practice good faith decision-making when we determine eligibility for all requested refunds. We strive to prevent dissatisfaction, but when it occurs, we do our best to make it right!

Incorrect Orders / Placed by Mistake

You may be able to be fully refunded for orders placed by mistake. It depends on whether or not the order has been shipped by the time we receive your inquiry. Due to our emphasis on speedy delivery, we suggest that you try to contact us aggressively to cancel any orders that were placed by mistake. If the order has not been shipped, we can cancel the order and initiate a refund promptly. If the order ships, we require a return of the shipment at expense of the buyer. We will refund the full product price for any incorrect orders returned to us, but we will not refund the original cost of shipping.


Product Exchanges

If you'd like to exchange a product for another, we require that the customer pay for the return shipping of the product to be exchanged. You can only exchange products for a product of equal value. Products must be packed well to prevent damage. To exchange a product, just reach out to us and we'll assist you through the process. 


Chaga Skin Cream - Returns/Exchanges/Refunds

 Due to the costly nature of shipping our Chaga Skin Cream, in cases where an exchange or return is necessary, the purchaser is responsible for the return shipping cost. If you need to return or exchange a Chaga Skin Cream, just reach out to us and we'll let you know exactly how to pack and ship the Chaga Skin Cream. 

We do not refund the cost of shipping the Chaga Skin Cream in any circumstance.

Online Order Support

Call or text Birch Boys customer service at (518) 299-9620. Or contact us via email ( If you are unable to reach us, please leave a voicemail or other message to reference and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for choosing Birch Boys.

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