Birch Boys 'Moving Up' in the World

Birch Boys is moving up in the world. (Literally) Our new address is 12 Cliff Avenue, Tupper Lake, NY.
Birch Boys 'Moving Up' in the World - Birch Boys, Inc.

Birch Boys is moving up in the world. (Literally)

We’ve outgrown the basement. Again!

As of June, we have fully vacated the production & warehouse facility we’ve been operating at in the basement of 83 Park Street (below the Adirondack Store & Gallery) since 2018.

Birch Boys vacates basement

If you’ve shopped in-store and are worried about finding us - fear not! We did not go very far. We are literally less than 50 yards away, and soon we will be much more visible!

New Birch Boys headquarters 12 cliff ave tupper lake

We are now occupying a beautiful above-ground building across the street! Our new address is 12 Cliff Avenue, Tupper Lake, NY. This building has the potential to be a forever home for our business.

Birch boys retail section


For starters, it has (not one) but TWO built in loading docks, direct proximity to the post office, a beautiful interior open floor plan, a commercial kitchen / bar, a segmented, soundproof, and well venthilated production room, on site parking, and 3,700 square feet of space.This is a serious place to grow. A new habitat for this company.

Birch boys facility tour

After 7 years of company history working full time in various windowless basements - this has been a long time coming.

I already feel the Vitamin D. Or maybe I’ve just drunk a little too much Chaga?

Either the case, I also wanted to share that our new facility & harvesting lands are both being inspected this upcoming July as part of our USDA ORGANIC CERTIFICATION process.

We are in the process of becoming certified organic!

So perhaps it is needless to say, but there is a lot that our team is excited about. We’re ready to grow like Reishi during a lunar eclipse.

birch boys reishi tea wild hemlock varnish bracket ganoderma tsugae with rose hips extract