Mushroom Tincture Bundle

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Get one of each of Birch Boys double extract mushroom tinctures - Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Artist's Conk all for one great price! There’s no better way to find your favorite mushroom tincture than with Birch Boys Mushroom Tincture Bundle.

- All 6 Tinctures - One Great Price
- Certified USDA Organic
- Fruiting Body & Sclerotium Only
- 100% US Sourced and Made
- Double Extracted - For maximum benefits

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Birch Boys Mushroom Tincture Bundle features one of each of our six medicinal-grade mushroom tinctures; Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Artist's Conk and Maitake. You save 24% when you bundle! If you’d prefer to build your own custom tincture bundle with the same discount, click here.

Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures are potent double extract tinctures, meaning that we extract our tinctures with both hot-water and organic cane alcohol so that you can get the full spectrum of benefits from mushrooms, in one easy squeeze! Read more about alcohol’s purpose in Birch Boys tinctures.

Our Mushroom Tinctures come in a 4oz bottle. That’s 2-3x the standard amount and at a better price than our competitors. We also suggest a higher serving size (dosage) than most mushroom brands, for a more profound effect. If you’re looking to buy mushroom tinctures online, look no further than the best mushroom tincture company, Birch Boys.

We offer a free recycling program for our glass tincture bottles. Click here to learn more.

Mushroom Tincture Ingredients

Chaga Tincture Ingredients: Organic Chaga Sclerotium, Distilled Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (22%)

Reishi Tincture Ingredients: Organic Reishi Fruiting Body, Distilled Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (22%)

Turkey Tail Tincture Ingredients: Organic Turkey Tail Fruiting Body, Distilled Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (22%)

Lion’s Mane Tincture Ingredients: Organic Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body, Distilled Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (22%)

Maitake Tincture Ingredients: Organic Maitake Fruiting Body, Distilled Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (22%)

Artist's Conk Tincture Ingredients: Organic Artist's Conk Fruiting Body, Distilled Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (22%)

Mushroom Tinctures Health Benefits

Chaga Tincture

  • Powerful immune support*

  • Enduring, buzz-free energy*

  • Healthy stress management*

  • Hair, skin and nail support*

Reishi Tincture

  • Quality sleep support*

  • Supports healthy stress management*

  • Meditative/spiritual aid*

  • Supports a positive mood*

Turkey Tail Tincture

  • Powerful immune support*

  • Gut and digestive support*

Lion’s Mane Tincture

  • Powerful cognitive support*

  • Enduring, buzz-free, mental energy*

  • Supports a healthy nervous system*

  • Supports a positive mood*

Maitake Tincture

  • Supports the cardiovascular system*

  • Valuable part of a well-rounded weight loss regimen*

  • Gut and digestive support*

Artist's Conk Tincture

  • Supports the immune system*
  • Supports the respiratory system*
  • May support pain management*
  • Supports a healthy libido*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Birch Boys products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any disease.

How To Use Mushroom Tinctures

Mushroom Tincture Serving Size

Administer up to 4mL of Birch Boys Tinctures per day. You can take mushroom tinctures directly in the mouth or add it to a natural beverage that is at a comfortable drinking temperature. If you'd like more information, check out our comprehensive guide, How To Start Your Mushroom Tincture Routine.+ Mushroom Tincture FAQ.

We recommend finding the best routine for your unique body. Some people may find that they only need a 1mL serving size, others may find that they need the full 4mL. For that reason, we highly encourage responsibly experimenting to find the best routine for you. If you need help figuring out your perfect routine, feel free to reach out!

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Supplement Facts

Chaga Tincture

Birch Boys Chaga Tincture Supplement Facts. Beta Glucan Polyphenols Polysaccharides

Reishi Tincture

Turkey Tail Tincture

Birch Boys Turkey Tail Tincture Supplement Facts Beta Glucan Polysaccharides

Lion's Mane Tincture

Birch Boys Lion's Mane Tincture Supplement Facts Beta Glucan Polysaccharides

Maitake Tincture

Birch Boys Maitake Tincture Supplement Facts Beta Glucan Polysaccharides

Artist's Conk Tincture

Birch Boys Artist's Conk Tincture Supplement Facts Beta Glucan Polysaccharides

Mushroom Tincture Warnings

If any of the following statements apply to you, please consult your medical provider before using Mushroom Tinctures. The specific tinctures these warnings relate to are noted in the parentheses. If a certain tincture is not for you, learn how to build a custom bundle by clicking here.

  • You are on medication to regulate insulin. (Chaga, Turkey Tail)

  • You have a blood clotting disorder and/or are on medication to regulate blood pressure. (All mushroom tinctures)

  • You have an upcoming surgery. (All mushroom tinctures)

  • You are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. (All mushroom tinctures)

  • You have osteoporosis, are prone to kidney stones or are on a reduced oxalate diet.(Chaga Tincture)


Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Julie Meadowcroft
Great products

I have been using Birchboy products for years now. I feel so much healthier and am feeling great. My family is noticing and are now starting on their own regimen. Thanks Garrett and your crew!

Vicki Wilson
These drops are a must have

I love the way I feel, no more brain fog, boost my metabolism, helps calm and relax me. I can finally say I found a great product and will be reordering.


This stuff is amazing I feel great 👍

Lillian Jenks
Feeling great!

I purchased the bundle to help regulate my blood sugar, improve my immune system and help with inflammation. I believe it’s all working and I love knowing I’m changing my health with these amazing, natural products.

Heidi Styb

A wonderful product made locally.



Made with ingredients you can trust

Made with ingredients you can trust

Fungi Fruiting Bodies and Sclerotia


Organic Cane Alcohol

  • - We source our Organic Cane Alcohol from a top-quality US distillery.
  • - The addition of an alcohol extraction of fungi to our formulas makes the more complex healing compounds in fungi bioavailable. These compounds include triterpenes, sterols, lignin and more.

Distilled Water

  • Pure, distilled water is imperitive to the making of our Mushroom Tinctures. Our concentrated hot water extraction makes the water-soluble compounds found in fungi bioavailable. These include antioxidants, polysaccharides (including beta glucan), polyphenols and more.  

A chaga harvester, lion's mane, reishi, turkey tail, maitake and a chemist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of combining different mushroom tinctures in my daily regimen?

Combining different mushroom tinctures in your daily routine is a great way to get the full, synergistic benefits of a variety of mushrooms and fungi. While most mushrooms have a few overlapping benefits like immune support, gut health and adaptogenic properties, each ‘shroom has unique benefits as well. When you purchase Birch Boys Mushroom Tincture Bundle, you’re getting the most benefits possible from our line of products. Chaga for immune and energy support, Turkey Tail for immune and gut support, Reishi for sleep and calm, Lion’s Mane for the brain, Maitake for metabolism and cardiovascular support, Artist’s Conk for the respiratory system and libido.

Can I mix and match my own bundle?

Yes! You can mix and match your own 4oz tincture bundle. We offer bundles of 5 and bundles of 6.  

For a 5 Tincture Bundle - use code BUNDLE5 for 22% off 5 or more 4oz tinctures.

For a 6 Tincture Bundle - use code BUNDLE6 for 24% off 6 or more 4oz tinctures.

Please note that this discount is not applicable to subscription (recurring) orders and does not apply to 16oz tinctures. Click here to see all of our coupons and deals.

Should mushroom tinctures be refrigerated?

No, mushroom tinctures do not need to be refrigerated, but they should be stored away from direct sunlight.

Can I take mushroom supplements everyday?

Yes, you can take Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures and Teas daily.

Can I take each tincture every day?

Yes, you can take Birch Boys Mushroom Tinctures and Teas daily. We recommend starting one-by-one. Click here for a detailed guide on how to start mushroom tinctures.

How long does it take for tinctures to kick in?

Tinctures start working immediately upon entering your body, but it may take some time for you to notice the effects. Most people notice effects after one month, but some people may take up to two months. Click to learn about the noticeable effects of mushroom tinctures.

Should I take my tincture every day?

For maximum efficacy, we recommend taking tinctures daily.

Why is there alcohol in Mushroom Tinctures?

Tinctures, by definition, contain alcohol in order to extract healing compounds from herbs and fungi. Click here for more information about the purpose of alcohol in our tinctures.