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Chaga Chai Recipe Video

Jun 04, 2021Garrett Kopp

In this video, Garrett shares his favorite antioxidant-rich Chaga chai recipe. Our Chaga Chai recipe is a fun way to prepare a truly delicious concoction of Inonotus obliquus in order to stimulate your immune system (and your taste buds)!

Estimated Nutritional Information Per 1 Cup

Calories: 80 | Fat Content: 2g | Carbohydrate Content: 6.4g | Protein Content: 1.3g

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Comments (2)

  • I purchased the loose Chaga tea, how many times do you recommend to use it before it loses its potency?

  • Garrett, Could you put all those spices into one of those muslin bags and put that in your crockpot when you make the Chaga tea and make it all at one time?
    Would that work?


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