Fungal Tea Bundle

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All three of our fungus tea favorites, at the best price. Start your day with Wild Chaga, quell your sweet-tooth with Maple Chaga Tea, and then relax with Reishi in the evening. Birch Boys Fungal Tea Bundle has everything you need to get started on your mushroom tea routine!

- All 3 Mushroom Teas, One Great Price
- 100% US Sourced and Made
- Twice the standard amount, for a richer brew

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Birch Boys Mushroom Tea Bundle is a great way to try each of our boxed fungi teas at one great price.

Wild Chaga Tea - Birch Boys Wild Chaga Tea has a mild, earthy-sweet flavor, similar to a black tea. It tastes great on its own or added to your favorite drink for a kick of health.

Maple Chaga Tea - Birch Boys Maple Chaga Tea has an earthy flavor, with a hint of pure maple sweetness. It tastes great on its own or added to your favorite drink.

Reishi Rosehip Tea - Birch Boys Reishi Rosehip Tea has a flavor reminiscent of a citrusy green tea, with a hint of bitterness. Bitterness is a good indicator of quality Reishi, the healing compounds found in reishi are, by nature, bitter. You can prepare Reishi tea by itself, added into another beverage, or use honey as a sweetener.


Wild Chaga Tea Ingredients: Organic Wild Chaga Sclerotium.

Maple Chaga Tea Ingredients: Wild Chaga Sclerotium, Maple Sugar.

Reishi Rosehip Tea: Wild Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Body, Rosehips.

Fungal Tea Bundle Health Benefits

Wild Chaga Tea and Maple Chaga Tea Health Benefits:

  • Powerful immune support*
  • Enduring, buzz-free energy*
  • Healthy stress management*
  • Hair, skin and nail support*

Reishi Rosehip Tea Health Benefits:

  • Immune support*
  • Supports restful sleep*
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system*
  • Supports a positive mood*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Birch Boys products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any disease.

How To Brew

Wild Chaga Tea and Maple Chaga Tea:

  1. Bring one cup (8 oz) of water to boil and add it to your mug.
  2. Steep covered for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Enjoy 1-3 cups per day.

Reishi Rosehip Tea:

  1. Use 1 tea bag per cup (8oz) of water. In a stove-top safe, metal, ceramic, or glass dish, add your water and one reishi tea bag.
  2. Bring to a boil, then remove from heat and steep for 15 minutes.
  3. Serve and enjoy 1 cup per day.

Nutrition Facts

Wild Chaga Tea

Maple Chaga Tea

Wild Reishi Rosehip Tea


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Sharon Bosford
Tea time, 😀

Love your teasing have been ordering from you for a few years. You are the best.

Emily Acee

Fungal Tea Bundle

So good!

The chaga teas is so good (especially the maple!), and the reishi tea really helps you feel relaxed!

Lloyd Apirian

My wife & I love the Chaga teas. The taste. The sustainability. The health benefits. And the integrity of the Birch Boys company.

Jennifer Robbins
Great Trio!

Love this tea trio! Easy to get my antioxidant dose each day. I mix the reishi with the chaga with a smidgen of honey...perfect!