Wild Chaga Tea Bags

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Our signature product contains sixteen bags of pure, lab-tested Chaga tea. Our Chaga is 100% Wild Harvested from the Adirondack Mountains.


Original Wild Chaga Tea

Looking for exra protection this season against colds and the flu?

If you have a bacterial infection such as an ear or skin infection, Chaga may stop the bacteria from multiplying so that the condition would not worsen. Depending on your body’s needs, Chaga is multi functional, it can either up-regulate or down regulate your immune system to support healthy recovery times.

Do you feel tired and sluggish? 

Take a deep breath! Drink Chaga Tea to boost your energy and feel like a super human while running your errands, taking care of your kids, or zipping through your work day! Studies suggest that Chaga improves exercise and fitness effectiveness by expanding the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen... by up to 40%! Chaga reduces inflammation and post exercise lactic acid levels, and may also due to this fact assist those dealing with chronic asthma problems to open their airways.

Do you feel bloated, and imbalanced or irregular?

Drinking fibrous Chaga helps break down foods and rebuild the gut microbiota (gut floor) to support a healthy digestive function. This means less bloating, less constipation and less inflammation. Your digestive system will feel more balanced if you make Chaga Tea part of your daily regimen.

Does Chaga taste good?

Our Chaga Tea is mild with a hint of natural sweetness. Enjoy chaga tea by itself, or enhance your morning tea, coffee, or hot chocolate! Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, polysaccharides, super-oxide dismutase and so much more! Indulge in your own wellness with a warm cup today.

Read more about the benefits of chaga tea 

Top 3 Benefits:

Chaga provides a high dose of D Vitamins, antioxidants, polysaccharides, melanin and super-oxide dismutas (an enzyme found in all living cells) which may all help

  • Fight chronic fatigue by giving a natural boost of energy which is naturally caffeine free!
  • Support healthy immune system
  • reduce inflammation throughout the body 


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