This will change the Chaga game


I have never been this excited to develop a product. My team and I have figured out how to make a powdered form of Chaga that dissolves instantly in water. You MUST see this for yourself!

We've discovered that there exists a natural and effective way to produce 'instant' Chaga extract powder. It is not freeze dried, spray dried, nor dried in infrared ovens. If you've ever read my blog titled Beware of Mushroom Extract Powders, you'll understand why this is so important. And if you've ever purchased a product like MUD-WTR, you will be totally blown away when you get your hands on a REAL Chaga extract powder.

By brewing Chaga into an extremely potent hot water extraction and catalyzing natural evaporation, we yield an incredible new result: A shiny, magical black powder that is incomparable to anything I've laid eyes on.

Instant chaga extract powder

It only takes 1/5 of a teaspoon of this Chaga powder to make a tall (16 fl oz) glass of dark black Chaga tea! It dissolves quickly, even in cold water. The potency is simply unmatched. This is the first Chaga extract powder that looks, tastes, feels, and HEALS just like the Chaga tea that was brewed from a chunk in your crock pot.


We're in the research and development process

We have some important work to do before feeling ready to bring this to market. So why are we telling you about it? Because we need your help!

We're becoming certified organic this month. Our on site inspection and land visit is now over. We should have updates on our organic status soon. This will be a huge milestone, but the cost of the certification process has effectively halted our ability to make progress on the R&D of this powdered Chaga product-to-be.

The excitement and passion to move forward on this project exceeds that of products we've created in the past. It is a priority (strategically) to figure this out before Black Friday.

At some point I asked myself: Why not run something like a crowdfunding campaign? A crowdfunding campaign - with key distinctions - among our most loyal repeat customers?

Support This Project

We are selling 4 tiers of ChagaNOW gift cards ($125, $250, $500, and $1,000). These gift cards can be used to purchase ANY Birch Boys product at They will be be immediately redeemable and will remain valid for 24 months.


As an additional thank you for contributing to our cause (and to maximize good feedback), we want to get this Chaga extract powder into your hands as soon as possible - NOW!

Instead of mailing a gift to our financial backers at the end of the fundraising period, we'll promptly reward our backers by mailing a sample of ChagaNOW as soon as the gift card purchase occurs.

Sample of birch boys chaga extract powder

You can expect to actually receive a sample of ChagaNOW within 1 week of your gift card purchase. The amount we will send corresponds to the gift card value tier you choose. Once you purchase a gift card you will become part of a focus group (participation is voluntary). There will be one or more follow up polls emailed to you over the 30 days post-purchase of your ChagaNOW gift card.

Gift card recipients who purchase a $250, $500, or $1,000 gift card will also get a free ticket to any upcoming guided foraging trip or workshop on our event calendar. We understand most of you are not local, but wanted to include this opportunity in the event you are able or would like to attend. If you purchase a gift card for $250 or more, contact us to apply your ticket to one of our currently scheduled (or future) guided mushroom forays / tincture workshops.

Project timeline, phases and goals.

We're trying to raise $10,000 in gift card sales to fund the development of this project.

  1. Material investments that will improve the efficiency of our process to make the powder. We have already identified what it will take to scale our process so that it is worth our time to sell this at a reasonable price. An efficient process = low cost to make = better selling price for our amazing customers!
  2. Certificates of analysis, micro-nutrient quantification, measuring soluble oxalate levels, identifying serving size, defining over-use and associated risk prevention.
  3. Creation of the physical packaging, labels, and marketing materials. Building enough initial inventory to conduct a proper product launch.
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