About us

Our Team

  • Garrett Kopp

    Founder & President

  • Kaitlin Lawless

    Assistant to the President

  • Kim Lucia

    Production Manager

  • Trisha Shultz

    Shipment Operator/Retail Associate

  • Maya Duncan-White

    Chemistry Collaborator

  • Melinda Little

    Board Member

    • Lee Keet

      Board Member

      • James Sonneborne

        Board Member

        • Kip Testwuide

          Board Member

          Annual Team Photo

          Strategic Partners

          • Point Positive, Inc.

            Mentoring Angel Investors

            After a referral from Clarkson University, founder Garrett Kopp attended multiple Point Positive pitch sessions. Birch Boys has since raised $300,000 in equity financing from Point Positive members, some of whom currently sit on the board of directors for Birch Boys, Inc. and maintain an active mentoring role.

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