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My name is Garrett Kopp. I'm a New York State Licensed Guide, a certified mushroom identification expert, and a life-long student of nature. 
I've been harvesting Chaga and selling it at Farmers Markets since I was 15 years old, after accidentally learning about it from my Grandmother (when I drank a cup of what-I-thought was iced tea in her refrigerator). 

When it comes to Chaga, it can be difficult to sift through all of the conflicting information available online. The internet is a great tool when it comes to fungi, but sometimes it can blur the lines between fact and fiction. Things are not always so black and white, good or bad, and right or wrong. Too often it is extremely difficult for consumers to have faith that ANY supplement they're about to purchase is authentic. Let alone those that are made from mushrooms & fungi. This is where I hope to be of value to you. 

I lease 220,000 acres of private forest land here in the Adirondack Mountains for the right to exclusively harvest wild bark eating fungi. We control our entire process- from harvest to production to shipping it out the door. I’ve got the Chaga you’ve been searching for. And so much more.

  • My mission is to produce the objectively best healing products from handmade extractions of wild tree-decomposing mushrooms.

  • My vision is to develop a more ethical and well-rounded symbiotic approach for generating sustainable value from wild natural allies. 

There is so much more than lumber. The more trees are cut, the less eligible hosts there are to sustain our fungi friends. That is where I have dialed in my focus. 

Never forget: Ignoring wild mushrooms to embrace cultivated alternatives will only lead to the destruction of the powerful beings they really are (Due to deforestation / urban development as well as timber-centric forest management practices that continually reduce the eligible habitats of our bark-eating fungi friends).

A world that turns away from wild fungi is a world where Chaga becomes a GMO... A world where every fungi product becomes a gimmick... A future that leaves no scientific trace back to the true power these sentient organisms once held.

I encourage you to read my blog about our Nine Sustainable Chaga Harvesting Protocols.

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Our Team
Garrett Kopp
Founder & President
Kaitlin Lawless
Sales Assistant
Brian Baumer
Tincture Maker & Shipping Specialist
Kim Carpenter
Production Manager
Maya Duncan-White
Chemistry Collaborator
Melinda Little
Board Member
Lee Keet
Board Member
James Sonneborne
Board Member
Kip Testwuide
Board Member
Company Achievements & Recognitions
$25,000 Grant Recipient | Wallace Coulter Foundation - April 04, 2017
Second Place $10,000 Winner | Wake Forest University Retail and Health Innovation Challenge - November 12, 2016
Certificate of Appreciation | Adirondack Park Agency - March 15, 2019
Birch Boys / Chaga in the News!
"Garret Kopp is the 22-year-old founder and CEO of Birch Boys in the Adirondacks, where medicinal mushrooms like chaga, pictured, grow in abundance. Like many mushroom purveyors, 2020 was his best year of sales yet."
Medicinal Mushrooms are Having a Moment
Times Union - March 23, 2021
"Two Clarkson graduates living in Tupper Lake have applied for a patent on their method of extracting melanin from fungi. They are looking to become wholesale providers of the pigment, which is finding increased use in biotechnology."
Potential Pigment Patent Readies Birch Boys to Produce Melanin from Chaga Fungi
Adirondack Daily Enterprise - September 02, 2020
"He suddenly veers off the path mid-stride and heads directly for a white birch tree, its pale bark popping against the greens and browns of hemlocks and white pines."
The Chaga Hunter
Adirondack Life Magazine - October 04, 2018
"This week, Birch Boys took another step toward making Chaga a household name by opening a store on Park Street in downtown Tupper Lake"
Brewing a Taste for Chaga in Tupper Lake
North Country Public Radio - April 19, 2018
"Part of my rationale for attending Clarkson was because of its motto: defy convention. I was already doing that."
The Medicinal Mushroom Man
Clarkson University - March 31, 2017
Annual Team Photo
Strategic Partners
Mentoring Angel Investors
After a referral from Clarkson University, founder Garrett Kopp attended multiple Point Positive pitch sessions. Birch Boys has since raised $300,000 in equity financing from Point Positive members, some of whom currently sit on the board of directors for Birch Boys, Inc. and maintain an active mentoring role.
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