Chaga For Weight Loss

Chaga has a wide variety of benefits, but did you know that Chaga can help with your weight loss program? Keep reading to discover how Chaga can help you lose and keep off those pounds!

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Chaga as an Appetite Suppressant

Chaga can be used as an appetite suppressant. Because it contains fiber in many forms, Chaga can help make you feel fuller, leading to a decrease in calorie intake. This helps you to lose weight in addition to a healthy diet and exercise program. 


Benefits of Chaga When Trying to Lose Weight

Chaga contains antioxidants, which help relive the oxidative stress caused by exercise. It helps you recover after your workout and replenish you with nutrients!

Chaga contains polysaccharides, a buzz-free, crash-free, natural energy booster! This way you won't fizzle out during your workout

Chaga has also been shown to help regulate hormones such as cortisol (a hormone that can cause fluctuations in weight and weight gain) 

Chaga also helps keep illness at bay, which helps to stick to your diet and exercise regimen.

Chaga has also been shown to be incredibly helpful for people on Ketogenic Diets.

The Proof is in the...Mushroom

A 2015 study from the Zhejiang University of Technology*, conducted on Wistar rats, found that Chaga inhibited the expressions of several genes involved in lipid synthesis. Even with increased fat intake, the rats who consumed Chaga along with their new diet had a markedly lower rate of fatty acid synthesis, compared to their counterparts that did not consume Chaga during this study. While more information and research is necessary to determine exactly why Chaga is a mechanism for reducing the creation of fatty acids, there is a lot to be excited about.

How To Use Chaga For Weight Loss

Drink a cup of Chaga tea every morning in addition to your regular diet and exercise. Chaga is also beneficial to weight loss when used before and after a workout. Keep some in your water bottle to replenish yourself throughout your workout and day!

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* Tao Wu, Qingyu Shu, Kai Yang, Xiaoxian Xie, Xia Wang, Yangling Wang, Anqi Guo, Nate Yuan, Binggong Zhao, Binbin Chi, Qiaobei Wu, Zhengwei Fu; Ameliorating effects of Inonotus obliquus on high fat diet-induced obese rats, Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica, Volume 47, Issue 9, 1 September 2015, Pages 755–757

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