Chaga, A Great Coffee Substitute


No matter how hard you try to ignore it, your morning just seems lonely without coffee! There's a myriad of reasons why one might have to stop drinking coffee. Whether it's a medical issue, pregnancy, healthier habits or a caffeine sensitivity, no one really wants to give up their favorite morning pick-me-up. Chaga is a fantastic coffee substitute, and here's why! 


Energy and Mood-Boosting

Chaga contains Polysaccharides, a natural source of long-lasting and buzz-free energy. These Polysaccharides are healthy alternative to caffeine, and won't induce anxiety or a 'buzzed' feeling. They provide a subtle, enduring energy to motivate you through your day! 


Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

A big draw of coffee, is it's supposed diabetes prevention. Chaga helps to regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol naturally. Some people even have to stop taking their diabetes medication because Chaga regulates their blood sugar so naturally! The antioxidants found in Chaga can help your body to fight Oxidative Stress, a cause of many ailments including diabetes and high cholesterol. Plus, Chaga has a naturally sweet flavor, so you can skip the added sugar!

****Always talk to your doctor before making any alterations to any medication whatsoever.


Better Sleep

Cutting Caffeine out of your diet can really help with natural sleep! Chaga has no caffeine, and can even help you mellow out before you hop into bed. 


Lower Blood Pressure

Not only do the antioxidants found in Chaga combat high blood pressure, but cutting your caffeine intake can also lower blood pressure naturally. Give your heart a break, switch to Chaga!


Rid Yourself Of Caffeine's Negative Side Effects

Caffeine has some nasty side effects including headache, anxiety, reliance on caffeine to improve mood, frequent and urgent bathroom visits, high tolerance to caffeine, Jitters, and more. We're not saying we want you to quit caffeine, we love our Chaga Coffee! We just want you to know there's a healthy coffee alternative with nearly all of the benefits of normal coffee. So if you've found yourself considering giving up coffee, remember that Chaga is here for you! 


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